We now have online ordering!

We have developed an on-line ordering page giving you a way of getting your veggie fix if you can’t make our Friday markets. Simply visit villagegreens.com.au/orders, choose your goodies, and use electronic transfer to send in the total. Your order will magically appear on your doorstep, if you live in the Eco-village, or if not, pick up from 13 Dianella Way after 4pm Fridays. Every Tuesday evening we will update the page with everything available for that weeks order. Ordering closes at 11am on Friday. Check it out!



The last tastes of summer



It’s been a crazy 4 months since we broke ground in January. I don’t think anyone can prepare you for what it takes to start a farm from scratch – the hours of effort, the stops and starts as tools, materials and labour all jostle about trying to finish a million different jobs, and the endless trips to the irrigation store. We’ll use that as our excuse for not having written earlier. But then I look back and suddenly 4 months have flown by and we’re about to harvest an amazing crop of sweetcorn, along with a dozen other vegetables that have all been carefully planted from seed, lovingly tended, weeded, watered and protected from weather and pests. And suddenly it all falls into place. We are doing this to provide nourishing food for our community. We are doing this to reconnect with nature, while also providing sustainable livelihoods for ourselves. We are doing this because we love to farm. Although the journey has been a challenging one so far (and who’s to say it will get easier?!), we promise to write more often, and we hope you follow us on our journey in small-scale market gardening on the Fleurieu Peninsula.

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