Prepay and save

A selection of fresh vegetables including fresh bunched carrots, plums, beetroots and cherry tomatoes from our Aldinga farm laid out on a wooden background

Without your support of our small scale farm over the last year, we couldn’t have achieved all that we did in this time, including:

  • Growing our business to employ 10 amazing and hard working team members from our local community
  • Picking, packing and delivering over 6000 orders, or over 120 orders a week of nutrient-dense, super fresh and sustainable food
  • Investing in our soil, tools and equipment to grow the best veggies we can on our small farm
  • Building our online store to support more and more local and organic producers in the Fleurieu region and beyond

Now that it’s winter, a new cycle of growth is starting, and we’re asking for your support once again.

We’re asking that you consider paying an amount up-front as credit, to be used throughout the next season.

We know not everyone is able to make this commitment, and we completely understand and respect that, particularly given current cost-of-living pressures. But if you’re able to, paying upfront helps us greatly in purchasing all the things we need to continue to grow as a business, and to keep supply amazing vegetables to your door. With your support, projects planned for this year include:

  • Expanding our field growing area to meet the demand for all your favourite veggies (beans! sweetcorn! tomatoes!)
  • Investing in more moveable tunnels to extend the season (and provide climate adaptation) for a wide range of crops
  • Finally pressing the “go” button on a refrigerated van, which means local milk, butter, cream, and cheese (not to mention organic tofu and much more!) delivered to your door or a pickup point near you
  • More on-farm events, including field days, long table dinners and more

Prepay = win-win

Payments over $500 receive a 5% discount, so not only are you investing your wealth, you’re also investing in your health, and the health of our local farm at the same time. It’s a win-win-win! Not to mention not having to worry about paying each week either 🙂

We’ve got big things planned for this season, and we know it will be our best season yet for growing an abundance of high-quality, seasonal and nutrient-dense vegetables. So here’s how it works:


How to prepay

1. First, make sure your cart is empty (i.e. prepay before or after you normally order you weekly veg)

2. Go to My wallet in your account page

3. Click on ‘Wallet Top-up’, then enter the amount you’d like to add as a prepayment, and click “Add”

4. You’ll be taken to the checkout page to pay for your credit. **Note** – We prefer EFT for prepayment to avoid bank charges – let’s keep the money cycling in our local economies! :). Also the $1.50 eco-packaging fee will be added – we’re working on removing this glitch, but for now you can either ignore it (i.e. don’t pay it), or pay it and we’ll add it as credit – we won’t be charging it! 

5. Once we’ve received and processed the payment into your wallet (this might take up to 4 business days), we will add the bonus discount depending on how much you’ve paid.

Thanks in advance, from the VG team.


Sorry, the minimum order amount for home delivery is $25. Please add some more items before proceeding to payment.