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Clover Creek Farm is a small family run farm near Myponga specialising in premium quality Pasture-Raised eggs.

Our aim is to:

– Farm as naturally as possible (no added chemicals or hormones)

– Produce nutrient dense pasture-raised eggs

– Deliver these tasty eggs to you as fresh as possible

Our happy, healthy hens have constant access to pasture so they can scratch and peck at their leisure. The mobile hen house is always open to allow fresh air and as much time as they want out in the grass and sunshine, reducing stress and disease. Our two guardian alpacas protect the hens from foxes, as well as a large moveable electric fence. The hens huddle close at night in their mobile hen house, which is moved weekly so they can enjoy fresh pasture whilst being close to home. Our stocking rate is less than 60 Hens per hectare which gives them plenty of room to move. The hens also play a big role in building soil health on our farm as they follow our grazing stock, spreading manure and cleansing the soil of pests as they scratch and peck.

Eggs from Clover Creek Farm are not washed and have their natural protective bloom intact. They do not come in contact with any cleaning chemicals, keeping them as natural as possible. As we are a small producer our eggs are not currently graded for size. All egg cartons have large and extra large eggs and are an average of 700g-800g net weight.

We truly believe the healthy, natural lifestyle of the hens is the reason for their tasty, nutritious eggs.

In choosing pasture-raised eggs you also play a vital role in restoring health to the soil and earth. Thank you!


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