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The Splendid Egg is the collaboration between two farming families in the Limestone Coast region, South Australia; The Serle family in Tantanoola and Liam & Sarah Brokensha in Eight Mile Creek.

We founded The Splendid Egg after realising we shared a passion and commitment for regenerative farming. By joining forces, we have been able to share our skills (and headaches!) to enable us to consistently supply premium grass-fed produce whilst maintaining the integrity and biodiversity of our farms. When you eat Splendid Eggs you are playing an important role in this regeneration process and you are supporting our farms directly.

Our splendid hens live in nesting trailers that have been specifically designed for pasture fed chickens to provide a clean, efficient and safe place for them to lay eggs, roost at night and shelter from the weather. The trailers are moved every week so the chickens are always on fresh pasture. Being on the move all the time and out in the open, fresh air reduces risk of disease or illness.

The chickens fertilise the soil with their manure and sanitise the paddocks, scratching up and spreading other animal manure and eating any snails and grubs that they find, helping us improve our pastures.

We also have help from our nine Maremma dogs who loyally guard our flocks. They live with the hens and protect them from predators such as foxes and eagles. Having the dogs allows us to never have to lock our chooks up.


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