Fleurieu Roast Coffee


Organic, Single Origin Varieties, roasted in house from Fleurieu Roast in the Aldinga Arts Eco Village


Coffee from Colombia is known for quality, balanced acidity and fruity character. This selection is organically grown and backed with notes of spice and sweet cherry.

Cafe Meilleur

A prize winning coffee! Guatemala produces some of our most popular coffees. People who enjoy clean, clear taste profiles in a balanced coffee with a dark chocolate and nutty finish will enjoy this coffee. This coffee is grown and harvested on farms that do their work according to guidelines that guarantee that they are not destroying the rain forests and they are not destroying migratory bird populations and habitats. Both of these things are possible in large part because of the fact that coffee grows better in the shade.Shade grown coffee develops slower, thereby giving you a harder and more flavourful bean.This coffee was grown in the shade of banana trees. The farm originally planted these banana trees to provided that coveted shade for the coffee plants. They soon realised that they could harvest and sell the bananas as well.This has added to the farm’s ability to generate income, and thereby produce even better coffee. Smooth, fragrant and balanced with dark chocolate and nutty flavours. Medium roasted for a sweeter and brighter coffee with little to no oil.

Organic Blend

Premium organic Arabica coffee beans sourced from Central & South America. This is a blend designed to give balanced smoothness flavour and acidity. Medium to dark-roasted for slightly higher flavour development and smoothness while preserving some of the original fruit, nut and chocolate with slight floral aromatics.

Decaf (not organic, but water processed & chemical free)

Seriously – You won’t believe it’s decaf! Delicious aromatic fresh-roasted beans full of smooth aromatic and nutty notes. Proof that you don’t need caffeine for an awesome tasting coffee. Organically grown Swiss water  processed.


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