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For those of you who aren’t familiar with kohlrabi, try Ottolenghi’s amazing yoghurt kohlrabi salad and it will change your life – you’ll never wonder what to do with these zany looking vegetables again! Crunchy and sweet, kohlrabi is also delicious grated raw into salads, juiced into your morning green smoothie, or roasted like you would potatoes or carrots.

Although it looks a little like a root vegetable, kohlrabi is actually a brassica, related to cabbage, broccoli and turnips. These pretty, round, little alien-like globes grow out in the field on our Aldinga farm and they really are an ‘all-rounder‘ – you can eat any part of it, including the leaves, and as we grow organically you can feel confident that every part is packed full of nutritional goodness. It is loved across Asia, the Middle East, and eastern Europe.. so get ready to explore this vegetable in all its wonderfully diverse ways.

Best stored in the fridge in a breathable, cloth bag.


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