Alexandrina Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar

200g wedge approx


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Alexandrina’s Mt Jagged Mature Cheddar is presented in its cloth bound red wax rind. It is a cheese with a firm, smooth texture with nutty, savoury and slightly caramel flavour. This cheese is a handmade closed-textured, cloth-rinded Jersey milk Cheddar matured for over 6 months. This Cheddar is produced using traditional Cheddaring techniques in a 1,000 litre open vat. It has a warm golden colour, with a pleasing nose and a satisfying flavour profile. It has a gentle sharpness, balanced with a sweet mellow after-taste, and its flavour remains on the palate. Matches red and fortified wine. Serve this cheese | on a platter with feijoa paste, hazelnuts and dried figs.


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