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Gardening Australia
Broadsheet Adelaide
Pip Magazine
ABC News
The Advertiser
SA Urban Food Network
Fleurieu Living Magazine

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Jimmy Toone at SummerTown Studio - Photo by Jack Fenby

Summertown Studio’s intimate dinner with Adelaide chef ⁠— City Mag

Salopian Inn chef Jimmy Toone partnered with Summertown Studio for a small town table event, with “veggies for the evening supplied by Village Greens, a small-scale organic garden located in Aldinga ­– about 40kms south of Adelaide”.

November 2023

Chef Trihn Richards at our Village Greens farm

Veg treats are a taste of things to come ⁠— The Advertiser

A photo on the front page of South Australia’s daily newspaper, The Advertiser! We loved having chef Trinh Richards visit our farm for a promo article about Tasting Australia’s 2023 program of events.

April 2023

Goodness Coffee Co short film

Short film ⁠— Goodness Coffee Co

Our field manager Karri takes our Fleurieu-based mates at Goodness Coffee Co on a behind-the-scenes tour of our farm, showing all the hard work and heart that goes into growing our veg and supplying homes across South Australia with organic food.

April 2023

No-Till Market Garden Podcast

Guest appearance ⁠— No-Till Market Garden podcast

Nat chats with Mikey Densham for a special Southern Hemisphere series of this popular podcast. Listen to learn how Village Greens functions behind the scenes, including wash/pack efficiencies, market channels for local food, lean thinking, tractor-based productions systems and more.⁠

August 2022

Nat Wiseman with his tomatoes

The secret to perfect homegrown tomatoes ⁠— ABC Everyday

Nat has grown delicious tomatoes for 20 years, first in his home garden, and now via Village Greens of Willunga Creek — which pumps out a whopping 2,000+ kilograms of organic tomatoes for home-delivered veggie boxes each year. Here’s his top growing tips.

February 2022

Nat Wiseman with his tomatoes

Grower profile ⁠— SA Urban Food Network

“Village Greens emphasises the importance of small-scale, sustainable farming that not only grows great food, but supports and builds great communities too,” Nat says.

February 2020

Gardening Australia featured Village Greens of Willunga Creek

Growing food for an entire village ⁠— Gardening Australia

The land had been a horse paddock for years so carried a lot of couch grass and weeds. It now grows garlic, potatoes, tomatoes, salad, beetroot, cucumbers, onions, capsicums, zucchini and more. “We grow a broad range so if one crop fails we can rely on others,” Lucy says.

November 2019

Black garlic from Village Greens

The sweet, rich and complex taste of black garlic ⁠— The Advertiser

“The people at Village Greens promised a classic umami flavour, and it’s all of that. It’s sweet, rich and complex, a bit like truffle.”

May 2019

Accepting the Willunga Farmers Market grant

Village Greens rewarded with $12,000 Willunga Farmers Market grant ⁠— The Times

“We do this because we have a passion for small-scale, local food and farming, and want to be a leading part of the next generation of farmers on the Fleurieu Peninsula,” Nat says.

August 2017

Organic produce at Village Greens of Willunga Creek

How To Start Your Own Urban Farm ⁠— Broadsheet Adelaide

For those who have been meaning to get their thumbs green and hands dirty but have needed a little jumpstart, Adelaide farming guru Nathanael Wiseman shares his tips and tricks for creating a prosperous garden at home.

December 2016

Studio Rustica podcast

Nat Wiseman: Small Plot Market Gardener ⁠— Studio Rustica podcast

Nat chats with Justin about how Village Greens got started, and how super-efficient farming practices make growing food profitable on a small scale.

June 2016

Nat Wiseman harvesting salad greens

Aldinga small-scale market garden celebrates first year of organic harvest for SA community ⁠— ABC News

“There are so many advantages from a nutritional level, as the food is harvested when it is fresh and sold the same day,” Nat says.

November 2015

Nat Wiseman harvesting salad greens

It takes a village to raise the next generation of farmers ⁠— The Advertiser

United by their passion for sustainable, organic produce, four people have embarked on a project to feed a village and make a living.

April 2015

The Village Greens crew

Meet the new crop of young Fleurieu farmers — Fleurieu Living Magazine

These well-read farmers approach their growing from a profound philosophical base that prioritises keeping their practices small, local and simple.

April 2015

Nat Wiseman at Village Greens

The Forager ⁠— InDaily

“Nat follows the Eliot Coleman method of farming that enables you to use small-scale ergonomic tools that use very few fossil fuels, such as walking behind tractors and human-sized long-handled tools,” Lucy says.

December 2014

Nat Wiseman - Adelaide Uni interview

Ploughing the way for young farmers ⁠— Adelaide University

“I hope my work, as well as the work of many other young farmers around the country, can show that it is possible to be a successful young farmer despite the odds, and provide a model for others,” Nat says.

December 2014

Village Greens crowdfunding video

+ Where it all began — our crowdfunding video

We launched a crowdfunding campaign and raised $16,000 in capital to get our dream of small-scale farming off the ground.

December 2014

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